Back on Track's new Hock Boots w/ Holes are a must have for horses with sore, arthritic, or capped hocks. The exterior of the boot is durable neoprene, and the interior Welltex fabric is infused with ceramic powder. Ceramic reflects your horse's natural body heat and generates soothing infrared thermal warmth, which serves to heal injured or stressed tendons, joints, and muscles. The boots leave the hock joint uncovered and fasten with Velcro straps for easy adjustment. These easy on/easy off boots help keep your horse feeling and performing his best. Perfect for overnight wear, shipping, and post or pre-ride use to prevent further injury or stresses and promote recovery. Standing wraps help prevent the boots from sliding. Typical sizing: Arabian sized horses take a small, Quarter horse sized horses take a medium, Warmbloods take a large.

Color: Black
Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Ceramic infused Welltex fabric
  • VELCRO brand closure
  • Durable neoprene shell
  • Hock joint left uncovered
  • Injury recovery and protection
  • Increases blood circulation through infrared thermal heat
  • Ideal for overnight, shipping, or after ride use
  • 3 1/4 diameter hole
  • Machine washable up to 86F, air dry
  • Easy on/Easy off
SIZE Top: @5" above center of hock Bottom: @6½" below center of hock
Small                    14"                        11"
Medium                    15"                        12"
Large                    16"                        13"



  • Model: 2027-002

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