The Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle attaches to your horse's leather or break-away halter with four hook-and-loop straps.  Just loop the straps over the noseband and the chinstrap, and your horse will be good to go!  For some extra stability, you can loop the side straps to the halter rings.  To allow the muzzle to break away, leave the metal rings in the down position; to prevent break away, slide the metal rings up over the hook and loop straps.  This muzzle will allow you to control your horse's grazing intake and can also be used as a breeding muzzle.

Color: Black
Size: Draft/Large Horse, Horse, Cob, Pony, Mini/Small Pony
  • Control your horse's grazing intake
  • Breakaway safety feature
  • Four easily adjustable straps


  • Model: BF0X

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