Burlingham Jump Course Package Jumper Set

Burlingham Sports created the Jumper Set Jump Course Package to give you a great opportunity to create your very own jump course. You can personalize it by choosing your own colors and styles of Standards and Jumps. This Jump Course Package comes standard with 5' Standards and 10' Jumps and standard jump cups. There are Metal Keyhole Track for pinless jump cups available along with stripes for poles or any other accessory that Burlingham offers that you can add for additional prices. You may choose 12' wide Jumps and 6' high Standards or a combination of both for an additional cost. Any additions or changes with be priced accordingly. Please e-mail us at eva@tackroominc.com to give us your color and style choices.

Also, this Burlingham Sports Jumper Set Jump Course Package will be drop shipped from the manufacturer straight to your door!

**Freight included for Packages including Package Jump Poles**

This Jump Course Jumper Set Package includes the following:
8 Jump Set = (4 Verticals + 4 Oxers)

7 Post Standards - Choose Color (850PS)
1 Pair Jump Standards - Choose Style + Color (81JS, 82JS, 83JS, 84JS)
3 Pair Jump Standards - Choose Style + Color (82X, 83X, 84X)
1 Pair Jump Standards - Choose Brick, Travertine or Stone Wall + Jump Color (83XRB, 83XTR, 83XSW)
1 Wall - Choose Brick, Travertine or Stone Wall (822RB, 823TR, 824SW)
1 Wall - Picket Fence (Set) - Choose Color (820PF)
1 Gate - Choose Style + Color (81G, 82G, 83G, 84G)
3 Gates - Choose Style + Color (82GX, 83GX, 84GX)
4 Flower Boxes (Set) - Choose Color (690FB)
11 Flowers (Bags) - Choose Style + Color
12 Perfect Poles - 10Ft. Choose Color (810PP)
12 Jump Cups (Pr) (899JC)
4 Jump Cups Flat (Pr) (899JCFL)


  • Choose your own style and colors.
  • Create your own course.
  • Comes standard with 5' standards and 10' jumps.
  • Other options available for additional prices.
  • Model: 870JS

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