Cashel Cushion English Flat Jump Pad

Available in 3/4" thickness. Flat cushions are helpful in preventing back soreness or in relieving pressure soreness once it has occurred.

CLOSED-CELL & OPEN-CELL FOAM What is the difference between open-cell foam and closed-cell foam? Open-cell foam is absorbent like your kitchen sponge because the spaces or cells are constructed so that water and air can flow through easily. While making great sponges, open-cell foam is ineffective as a cushioning material because it tends to collapse down to nothing when weight is applied. Open-cell foam is often touted because it "breathes" i.e. allows air to pass through easily. Unfortunately, once the air cells have absorbed sweat or have collapsed under pressure, this "breathing" no longer occurs.

Closed-cell foam is constructed so the cells are encapsulated like the cells of a beehive, making it difficult for water or air to pass through easily. Closed-cell foam is a superior material for cushioning as it will compress but not collapse completely. Cashel has used the same unique closed-cell foam (originally designed for the aerospace industry) since 1986. This durable closed-cell foam does not absorb sweat, moisture or bacteria so that it is easy to clean and will not rot or smell if hosed off after use.

CLOSED CELL vs GEL Why are Cashel closed-cell foam products better than gel products?

We feel that Cashel closed-cell foam is a better material for cushioning than gel for several reasons:

1) With the constant impact/wear and tear generating in riding, we believe that gel consistency eventually breaks down and become more liquid. This would make the gel move away from the point of impact more quickly, thus reducing its ability to cushion. Cashel closed-cell foam maintains its therapeutic cushioning abilities for years. We know of trainers that have used the same Cashel closed-cell foam saddle pad for over ten years without any loss of cushioning benefits.

2) Gel products weigh significantly more than Cashel closed-cell foam products.

3) In that they are filled with a liquid, gel pads absorb and retain heat. Cashel closed-cell foam does not.

4) Gel products cannot be sculpted, beveled, or wedged the way Cashel products can, limiting gel pads' custom therapeutic uses.

5) Gel products are typically significantly more expensive than the same product made out of Cashel closed-cell foam.

Color: Black
Style: Jump (All Purpose/Close Contact)
Sizes: Small (16 1/2"), Medium (17"), Large (17 1/2")

  • Model: JP-3/4

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