Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Pad

If your horse has a swayback, you know how hard it is to provide them with good saddle fit. This half pad is specially designed to provide optimal comfort and protection as well as adjusting the fit of your saddle to your horse. It allows for balanced distribution of saddle pressure for horses with muscle atrophy or other conformational issues.

This pad is made of the same hi-tech foam as other Cashel Cusion pads which allow you to put it directly next to the horse or on top of a thin pad. Designed for swayback horses, it features a 1 1/2" center that tapers to 3/4" in the front and back, allowing the saddle to lay flat as the pad fills in the hollow area on a horse's swayback. This cushion pad is perfect for anyone who wants to give their swayback horse the ultimate comfort when riding.

Please note there is additional shipping on saddle pads.

Color: Black
Size: Western Medium 28" x 28", Large 30" x 30", XLarge 32" x 32"


  • Model: SWYW-.75-1.5

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