Enjoy a boot to beat all boots - Cinch WRX Workman Safety Toe Work Boot in Green and Brown. These boots, part of the Cinch WRX flame resistant collection, boast a ceramic composite toe that is 200% stronger than steel and much lighter. A newly designed boot that moves performance to the next level and has loads to offer: waterproof, antimicrobial insole and fire resistant (up to 210°) outsole. They feature SCT technology to give you optimal stability and comfort. The outsole of this Cinch boot is a non-slip and non-marking sole adding flexibility and maximum traction.

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Color: Brown with green shaft
Men Size:
D width: 9, 10
  • Double Stitch Welt
  • Ceramic Composite Toe
  • Horseman Outsole
  • SCT Technology
  • Lightweight/ Flexible Design
  • TPU Shank
  • Oil/Chemical/Barn Acid Resistant
  • Fire Resistant up to 210 Degrees


  • Model: WXM141SW D

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