This Classic Equine BioFit Correction Wool Pad adds extra support on the shoulder for your horse! This western saddle pad has wedges placed in strategic areas to fill in the void areas on your horse. The design of this correction pad is contoured and curves to your horse's back and allows freedom of movement in your horse's shoulders and hips. It also has a cut out in the withers and the cinch area. This allows added comfort plus, a better saddle fit. Yet, the top quality wool is shock absorbing that creates greater performance for your horse.

Colors: Black with Brown leather

Sizes: 31" x 32",  7/8" thick


  • Top quality wool.
  • Absorbs shock.
  • Strategic buildup placement on shoulder area.
  • Contour shape.
  • Cut out on withers and cinch.


  • Model: WFP132

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