Zone Series Saddle Pad From Classic Equine

This western saddle pad from Classic Equine has a breathable felt top and bottom that are designed to remain securely in place. The 1/8" felt top can be used either alone as a training pad or put under a show blanket. The orthopedic grade felt bottom wicks away moisture, as well as providing excellent shock absorption.

The Zone Series western saddle pads feature a Zoombang™ insert that is designed to reduce stress and injury. Zoombang™ is a state of the art technology that combines 82% polymer and 18% elastane to harden upon impact and absorb up to 80% of force. The pad will react to impact and quickly transform from its semi-liquid form to a stiff solid. Afterwards, the pad will return to its soft, fluid-like state. Therefore it will never lose its shape, and will also not wear out, dry out, freeze, or melt. This Zoombang™ protective technology is also used by the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NASCAR. This saddle pad is specifically formulated for equine athletes in order to give you and your horse the ultimate comfort and protection.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an addtional shipping fee of $20 on this saddle pad.

These pads are all on backorder at this time.

Color: Black
Size: 30"x32" or 31"x32"
  • 100% New Zealand wool.
  • Zoombang™ insert to dissipate energy and reduce stress.
  • 1" total pad thickness.


  • Model: ZFT3X

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