EA Mattes Sheepskin Half Pad

The general design of all EA Mattes pads come with an "open spine" system. This means that the underside of the pad is designed with a full sheepskin panel on each side, but the sensitive spinal area is left completely open (only the quilting from the topside is visible, but does not come in contact with the spin). This eliminates potential problems from presssure in the spinal area.

All Mattes pads are designed with a topline that follows the shape of the gullet of the saddle. with help from the Polyflex felt, this ensures that the pad will stay snugged up into the gullet of the saddle, and completely away from the spinal area.

It is recommended that the pads be used with the sheepskin directly on the horse's back. Placing a quilted pad between the sheepskin pad and the horse's back will interfere with the properties of the sheepskin. In cases where this is preferred, such as professionals who ride many horses, Mattes offers a PM System. This is a system that combines a half pad with a lightweight felt pad exclusively designed to be used underneath the half pad. The PM System half pad comes in regular style or as a correction pad style, and the felt pad is available in square, euro-fit and contoured styles.

Color: White
Size: Small, Medium and Large
  • Quilting: Outer layer is heavy duty cotton fabric.
  • Felt: Polyflex material within the body of quilted portion of pads. It helps to hold the shape of the pad so it fits suggly into the gullet and does not rest across the spine (other pads, especially those made with foam, will pull down in the gullet and can cause problems in the spinal area).
  • Breathable, will allow air to pass through it.
  • Machine washable, hang dry. Wash with melp.
  • Sheepskin: PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION, FRICTION, RUBBING, CHAFING: High quality sheepskin reduces sheering of the pad on the horses' back. Pressure distribution is excellent, without any bounce in the material. This is because of the density of the wool pile and the upright fibers that mold themselves perfectly to the horse's back. but the major advantage of the extremely dense, upright fibers is that there is no friction, or sheering, on the horse's back whatsoever.
  • Matters sheepskin is a cross between Suffolk lambs and Merino Yews. This achieves the correct compactness necessary for performance. the density, length and crimping of the fibers is what's important for function in a saddle pad. It dictates the shock absorption, sheering factors, ability to absorb moisture, etc.
  • High sweat absorbancy.
  • Model: 651871 AP

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