Epona All Purpose Grooming Mitt

This all-purpose grooming mitt is great for both the horse and the handler. It has a great rough texture that stimulates the horse while cleansing. The texture of the horse grooming mitt is a fine bristle so that it cleans deep into your horses hair to scrub away all of the dirt and grime, while stimulating and massaging your horses body. You can use the grooming mitt when it is dry for curring off mudd, and dirt or you can use it wet for bathing. The texture of the mitt is great and does not slip and slide while you are using it. Even better it dries quick so you don't have to worry about it getting mold or mildew. It even has an easy to use clip so you can hang it anywhere you would like. This Epona all-purpose grooming mitt is very professional and will leave your horse with a great coat and shine!

This grooming mitt is machine washable.

Color: Blue, Purple and Green-Out Of Stock.  


  • Model: 08264

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