The Research and Development team at EquiFit have teamed up with medical professionals in Boston to create a pattern for masks that they sew out of their Dedham facility.  EquiFit is a division of AliMed.

The masks are made of 2 outer layers of 100% cotton with the inner layer infused with AgSilver™, which is known to help guard against bacterial growth.   Sewn in pocket if you wish to use a filter.

While not a substitute for an N95 mask, the 3 layer cotton mask, in some cases could help preserve the life of an N95 and is similar in effectiveness of an average surgical mask. These masks should not give you a false sense of security during these uncertain times and you should continue to adhere to all federal and state guidelines and regulations.

Color: Black
Size: One Size fits most
  • Inner layer infused with AgSilver™, known to help guard against bacterial growth
  • 2 outer layers of 100% cotton
  • Wash before use


  • Model: 52652
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