T-Foam HoofSavers Pads from EquiFit, Inc.

These revolutionary foam pads are the easiest way to provide your horse with cushioned comfort and full-sole support. The custom fit EVA pads are ideal for providing relief for sore feet, stone bruises, laminitic horses and more. Also useful as a preventative measure against most foot ailments. Can be applied with Medicine safely and easily as well. Sold in pairs.

HoofSavers are reusable several times, but should only be used on one horse. Original impression may be partly lost when not in use but will reconform for custom fit. Pads should be removed when riding or exercising and multiple layers should never be used.

Application instructions:
1. Stand horse on pads for at least 60 second to make a solid impression.
2. Cut along impression edge for proper size. For barefoot horses cut to outer edge of hoof, for shod horses cut along inside of shoe impression.
3. Clean hoof and apply any necessary medication to the sole.
4. Place hoofsaver in the sole and adhere with vetwrap or duct tape.
5. HoofSavers may be left in place for up to 24 hours or as long as horse is in stall.
6. Brush off HoofSaver and save for next use.

Sizes: One Size
  • Ideal for treating and preventing hoof ailments.
  • Provides support for barefoot horses.
  • Perfect for use overnight, at shows, or even when trailering.
  • Advanced alternative to hoof packing.
  • Clean and easy application process.


  • Model: 01292
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