Cinch FR Clothing and Boots;The first line of defense all on sale. A tough job requires tough clothes. That's why we carry flame-resistant (FR) clothing. Designed by quality men's clothing maker Cinch Jeans, our FR shirts are HRC-2 rated, the standard in personal protective gear and meet ASTM F1506 standards. Shirts have a minimum ATPV rating of 8.5 and the jeans ATPV rating is 20.7. The clothing is cut to allow for a full range of movement as it provides protection against unexpected sparks, so you can still look great while meeting FR standards. At the end of the day, we want you safe from head to toe, so check out our great selection of Cinch flame-resistant clothing! Who doesn't love a good sale on Cinch flame resistant clothing and boots.

Cinch WRX Commander Camo Pink Women's Work Boots

A boot that offer wonderful performance and style all-in-one! Cinch has produce a state of the art work boot....see more

The Cinch WRX Commander Women's Work Boot in Pink Camo is great for the woman who wants safety and comfort without…

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