Fleeceworks Sheepskin Show Pad with Full Trim

Custom made for the A circuit rider, Fleeceworks™ Showhunter pad is cut to show an even inch of trim around the flap and seat for an ultra traditional look. In addition to bi-level sheepskin for maximum contact, the Showhunter also features Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance system: Visco Elastic front pads can be added to lift the saddle off the withers, Visco Elastic Full Panels can be inserted to provide more protection for extremely cold backed horses, or Rear Riser Inserts can discretely change the balance point of the saddle. All inserts sit in pockets in the interior of the pad and are completely invisible from the outside. (Inserts sold separately).

Through Thick & Thin
(What’s important when choosing the right sheepskin pad)
Natural sheepskin is the ideal material to provide shock absorption, temperature balance and relief from friction and pressure points. Its effectiveness is proven by sheepskin’s role in the medical field, where it is the material of choice for bedridden and wheelchair bound people. By allowing air to circulate between hair and leather, sheepskin forms a protective air cushion that also balances the temperature. It not only provides protection from concussion, but also eliminates pressure points and completely heals and prevents friction sores.

You get a free Fleeceworks Baby Pad with the purchase of this Fleeceworks saddle pad!

Color: White
Small  15.5 lenght, 11" widht, 15.5" drop
Medium 16" lenght, 12" width,  17.25" drop
Large (17.5”)  17" length, 12" width, 17.25" drop


  • Model: FW-29 FULLTR

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