International Helmet Awareness Day

Tack Room is proud to announce their participation in Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day. Hundreds of shops and horse-related organizations in eight different countries have registered to participate in this year’s Awareness Day, taking place on August 18 and 19, 2018. Riders4Helmets will be running a series of instructional videos on their website on that day, and promoting educational articles about riding and safety. Riders4Helmets was formed after a 2010 riding accident left US Olympic equestrian Courtney King-Dye in a coma; the athlete is still in rehabilitation today.

Sports-related head injuries are finally getting the public conversation they deserve. There’s been an increased focus on concussions sustained in football. Recent World Cup excitement has prompted discussions about repetitive injuries resulting from “heading” the ball in soccer. Children are required to wear helmets when they ride a bicycle, to prevent head injuries if they fall. We need to give horse riding the same thoughtful consideration.

Liz Walker, recent Bucknell University graduate and captain of the BU Equestrian Team says, “I’ve been very lucky in my riding career but I’ve seen some really nasty falls. There are celebrated professionals in the equestrian world that are in comas because they didn’t wear a helmet one day. I can’t fathom riding a horse without wearing a helmet.”

Walker continues, “It’s a commitment; you can’t not wear your helmet. A lot of head injuries happen when you just run your horse for fifteen minutes. Never make the assumption that something won’t happen, even if it’s warm out and the horse is unlikely to be jerky, even if the horse is docile.”

She further recommends that children under the age of fifteen always wear a helmet when they’re working with horses. Ground work, she says, is a particularly easy way for children to get injured because the injuries are unexpected. “Horses stamp at flies, they startle. I’ve gotten kneed in the face, and kids are more vulnerable because their heads are more hoof-level.”

Tack Room gladly stands behind organizations like Riders4Helmets, and thoughtful horsemanship as practiced by riders like Walker. Be safe, be sensible. You only have one head! Take care of it.

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