Lexington Plain Raised English Show Bridle

Lexington Premier Leather Bridlework creates a new standard. Count the stitches: up to 14 to the inch. Compare the details: delicate hand scoring, rich chestnut color leather, white stitching, stainless steel buckles.
A nice English bridle for not a lot of money.

Color: Chestnut
Sizes: Cob, Full, Over Size
  • Premier European Leather.
  • Matching Plain Raised Martingale
  • Matching 5 /8” Plain Laced Reins.
  • Thick leather on raised styles to
    prevent cracking.
  • Stainless steel buckles are stitched
    down to eliminate movement.
  • Up to 14 stitches to the inch.
  • Blocked keepers.
  • Browband loops are wedged to keep
    the browband in place.
  • Quality, value and workmanship.
  • Model: LJD500

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