The Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot is designed to fits closely around the hoof and stretch fit around the pastern, providing the protection your horse needs during injury or wound rehabilitation. This horse boot is perfect for aiding treatment of abscesses, punctured soles, and bruised soles.

The horse boot is made from super-stretch neoprene outer to ensure snug fit.

Size: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Keeps wounds, poultices, and dressings clean
  • Can be used with or without shoes
  • Safe for the stall or during turnout Durable- suitable for repeated use
  • Tread on sole for improved grip Kevlar interior for added durability
  • Unique diagonal zipper design to prevent zip from opening
  • NOT designed for riding
  • NOT intended to be used as an overreach boot- if your horse is inclined to overreach or stands on its own hooves, then an overreach boot should be used over the Medical Hoof Boot to protect both the horse and the boot from damage.
  • Reusable
Sizing the Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot:
Size  Width of Hoof (mm)  Length of Hoof (mm)
 0  76-85  79-90
 1  86-94  91-101
 2  95-103  102-112
 3  104-112  113-123
 4  113-121  124-134
 5  122-130  135-145
 6  131-139  146-156
 7  140-148  157-167
 8  149-157  168-178
 9  158-166  179-189



  • Model: 11-2108

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