This Mikmar Loose Ring Snaffle Bit with the Ergom Lozenge Mouthpiece also features Mikmar's signature Cupreon metal material in the mouthpiece.  This material is very palatableto horses and promotes salivation for a healthier and more relaxed ride.  The mouthpiece measures 16mm and the cheek rings are 70mm stainless steel. The Ergom Lozenge mouth piece is shaped to avoid any pinching or poking across the tongue for a more even pressure that encourages chewing and relaxation. This bit is ideal for softening the horse's jaw and aids in supporting consistent contact and balance.  USEF/USDF competition approved.

 Mikmar Bits are designed by renowned trainer and winning horseman Frank Evans. They were originally designed for the all around horse and trainer. Mikmar Bits are uniquely designed to be versatile and promote communication between horse and rider in all disciplines and styles of riding.

Size: 5" or 5.5"
Mouthpiece: Mikmar Ergom Lozenge


  • Model: CLE5XX

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