D Ring Snaffle Bit from Mikmar Bit Company

Mikmar's D-Snaffle is designed to provide great control with excellent vertical and lateral flexion. The bit features a double jointed, slanted, low-port mouthpiece with classic D-ring style cheeks. This bit is a known favorite among show hunter, equitation, and pleasure riders and can also be used for transitioning young horses into a more advanced snaffle bit.

Mikmar Bits are designed by renowned trainer and winning horseman Frank Evans. They were originally designed for the all around horse and trainer. Mikmar Bits are uniquely designed to be versatile and promote communication between horse and rider in all disciplines and styles of riding.

Mikmar bits features a four point pressure system that disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin and poll to provide a clearer signal for effective results without abuse of the mouth. The design of the bit allows the rider to use a softer hand, avoids pinching and helps the horse to better understand what is being asked. The copper rollers also promote salivation and can help to quiet the nervous horse.

Size: 5", 5 1/4", 5 1/2", and 5 3/4"
Mouthpiece: Double Jointed/Slanted


  • Model: MDR17X

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