Myler Black Steel 7" Seven Shank with Sweet Iron Ported Barrel (MB 33, Level 3) wtih Copper Inlay

This is a Level 3 Myler western bit that offers the maximum amount of tongue relief with the mildest mouthpiece.  With a fancy 6 3/4" western spotted shank western curb.

The sweet iron mouthpiece, which is harmless to horses has a sweet taste and makes the horse salivate more whereby it makes the horse more responsive.  The black shank will eventually turn to a dark rusted brown look.

Level:  3
Design:  7 Shank with a ported barrel
Function: Western Curb
  • Maximum tongue relief.
  • Mildest mouthpiece with ISM.
  • Ported barrel..
  • Copper inlay..
  • Black Steel.
Sizes: 5"


  • Model: 89-13335
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