The Myler Dee Ring bit with hooks secures the attachment of the reins and the headstall and allows the horse bit to work like a leverage bit. When the reins are pulled upward and backward, the bit's mouthpiece rolls downward and backward into the horse's mouth while pulling downward on the poll.

The Myler ported barrel is a very mild mouthpiece that works well for mature and finished horses. Be cautious of using on younger horses.

Level: Three
Bit Design: A “D” shaped ring with fixed attachment of the curved mouthpiece with upward curve and jointed barrel in center. 1 1/2" Port.
  • Myler Dee Ring provides direct action - applies same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. More direct signal than a Loose Ring. It will not pull through the mouth or pinch.
  • Downward pressure on top of bars.
  • No tongue pressure.
  • Some palate pressure.
  • Turns solid when asking for a stop.
Sizes: 4 1/2" and 5"


  • Model: 89-2233X

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