Myler Dee Bit 89-22265C with Hooks with Cyprium Correctional Low Port

Stainless steel 3 3/4" dee rings with hooks secure the attachment of the reins and the headstall and allow the bit to work like a leverage bit. When the reins are pulled back, the mouthpiece rolls downward and backward into the mouth while pulling downward on the poll.
In addition to providing leverage, this bit provides control through its correctional low port mouthpiece. This bit features cyprium which is a gold-colored composite metal alloy that encourages salivation and a softer mouth. Featuring independent side movement, this bit allows the rider to only affect one side of the horse, aiding in lifting shoulders, bending, and more. This is a great bit to use if your horse needs more control or more tongue relief than a traditional dee ring snaffle.

Level: Two-Three
Design: A “D” shaped ring with fixed attachment of the Myler curved mouthpiece with upward and forward bend, and a center with a low port.
  • Myler Dee Ring provides direct action - applies same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. More direct signal than Loose Ring. Will not pull through the mouth or pinch.
  • Tongue relief before restrition.
  • Bar pressure.
  • Will not pinch or drive downward into tongue.
  • Independent Side Movement™.
Sizes: 5"


  • Model: 89-22265C

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