Myler Eggbutt Low Port Comfort Snaffle Bit with Hooks

This Stainless Steel Myler Low port bit has a comfort snaffle with copper inlay mouthpiece. The Myler Level 2 eggbutt bit is ideal for young, green or horses with a steady disposition. The tongue relief is offered through the low port and collapses over the mouth the form a "U" so the lips and bars do not become pinched. The Independent Side Movement allows the rider to section each side of the horse's body to work individually on lifting the shoulder. Hooks on eggbutt bits give two options for rein positions. The first position is the traditional rein attachment, the other is attaching the reins into the slot. The slots work directly with the Independent Side Movement. Best of all, this Myler Eggbutt snaffle has copper inlay to promote salivation and a comfortable feeling in the mouth.

Level: Two
Bit Design: A oval shaped ring with curved mouthpiece that has a Low Port and Copper Inlay Mouth.
  • Direct action - applies same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. More direct signal than Loose Ring. Will not pull through the mouth or pinch.
  • Pinch and restrict.
  • Collapses on bars.
  • Independent Side Movement.
Sizes: 4 3/4" or 5" 


  • Model: 89-3004X

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