Myler Eggbutt without Hooks and Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel

Stainless Steel with copper inlay Myler Eggbutt wide barrel comfort snaffle without hooks. This is a Level Two bit with a small 1/4" port that allows for more tongue relief than a Level 1 mouthpiece.  which is great for a young or green horse or one with a challenging disposition.  The level 2 bits collapse to form a "U" instead of a "V" thereby protecting the lips and bars of the horse so they are not being pinched like a traditional snaffle bit does.

Most horses can skip Level I altogether and enter the Myler bitting system at a higher level.

A Level Two bit rotates on to the tongue to apply tongue pressure.  This one has a small port offering more tongue relief.  They also curve to allow more room for the tongue and protect the lips and bars from being pinched.

Level: Two
Bit Design: An oval shaped ring with curved mouthpiece that has a jointed center barrel.
  • Direct action - applies same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. More direct signal than Loose Ring. Will not pull through the mouth or pinch.
  • Curved to protect the lips and bars.
  • Collapses on bars.
  • Independent Side Movement.
Sizes: 5"


  • Model: 89-29045
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