Myler Loose Ring Bit with French Link Snaffle

This Myler bit is a stainless steel Loose Ring with a stainless steel French Link Snaffle copper inlay mouthpiece. This Myler bit, also called a bristol snaffle, works well for beginning horses. It is a kinder, gentler bit than the Snaffle, and works primarily off the tongue and bars, applying more downward pressure that is evenly distributed across the tongue.

Level: One
Bit Design: The Myler loose ring is a simple ring where the mouthpiece has no fixed point of attachment. but simply slides around the ring. This particular mouthpiece is curved with two joints with a flat piece in the center.
  • Myler's direct action - it applies the same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. Loose rings allow the horse some play with the bit in the mouth.
  • Downward pressure on tongue.
  • Collapses on bars.
Size: 4 3/4", 5", 5 1/4", 5 1/2" and 6"


  • Model: 89-2810X

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