Oster Golden A5® Clipper
This well-known favorite is now more efficient and more durable. Golden A5® heavy duty single-speed clipper with detachable blades. Plenty of power, yet it runs smooth, quiet and cool. The Golden A5® is the industry standard.

  • Virtually UNBREAKABLE* housing!
  • Powerful, heavy-duty single or two-speed clipper.
  • Cool running.
  • Smooth, quiet, quick.
  • Includes size 10 wide Elite CryotechTM blade.
  • Detachable blade system accommodates Oster® Take-Down-QuickTM (T.D.Q.) wide blade series.
  • Wider sweep for faster cutting.
  • Great for all-around and precise clipping.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Model: 78705-018
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