Parelli Myler Combination C1 Cradle Bit

Parelli USA and Myler Bits have been working together since 2006, creating a line of bits to complement the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program. The cradle bits were made so the rider can cradle their horse's head in their hands. It distributes communication kindly, steadily, and accurately in five places.

This quality, stainless steel bit has Myler's low port comfort snaffle that allows for independent side movement allowing the rider to isolate one side of the bit. Additionally, it features Myler's signature sweet iron mouthpiece, which has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Parelli added a braided noseband with a support string to tie to the browband to keep the noseband from slipping. There is also an easily adjustable stretch knotted curb strap.

  • Sweet iron low port comfort snaffle.
  • Copper inlay mouth.
  • Braided noseband and knotted curb strap.
Size: 5"
Level: One


  • Model: 89-P55045

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