Reinsman Ring Combination Rope Nose Hackamore Bit

This Hackamore bit comes with a twisted with Dog Bone Snaffle. Ideal for young horses, the nose is contacted first which allows the pressure to tuck the nose first then elevates the mouth. This bit is great because it contacts the nose, bars, lips, chin and face. Use this combination bit with a martingale or draw reins for maximum control and results. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and it's made in the USA!

Size: 5" Mouth
  • 3/8" 3 Piece Twisted Wire/ Dog bone snaffle.
  • 3" Rings.
  • Rope Nose Hackmore.
  • Great for used on soft mouthed horses.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Stage E


  • Model: 903
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