Reinsman Short Shank Combination Hackamore Bit

The Short Shank Rope Nose Combination Hackamore Bit from Reinsman is a great all around combo bit. The rope nose is a soft feel and allows the rope to be molded to the horses nose shape. With a harder "bite" than the two-piece bit, this increasing angle of the bars allows for different nerves to be touched. This added leverage is ideal for stronger horses. Reinsman Combination Bits comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Size: 5" Mouth
  • 3/8" 3-Piece Twisted Wire with Dog Bone Snaffle.
  • 8" Cheeks.
  • Rope Nose Combination Bit.
  • Great all around combination.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Stage E


  • Model: 904
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