Samshield Helmets

Designed with the rider in mind, Samshield helmets blend classic equestrian style with high-performance innovation, cloaking the ultimate in comfort and protective head gear in one elegant shell.

Samshield asked riders what they were looking for in a helmet, and then they delivered. 

Passive safety:  Samshield’s external polycarbonate shell and inner polystyrene variable-density shell, designed to disperse impact energy, protect against falls and other incidences of force contact.  The polystyrene shell can be removed and replaced, allowing the rider to keep her helmet even after impact occurs.

Ventilation:  Samshield has designed a system of canal vents that funnel air under the visor and around the rider’s head to keep him or her cool without unsightly side vents.

Padding:  The inside padding is fitted to keep the helmet in place and the rider comfortable, but will not make contact with the skin.  This prevents irritation from sweaty padding or those annoying forehead dents from the weight of the helmet.  Their memory foam inserts are removable and washable, removing concerns about any unwanted odor.  Since the external shell is capable of accommodating a variety of foam insert sizes, this helmet is adaptable to growing riders—or even changes in hairstyles!  Plus, Samshield’s memory foam inserts do not deteriorate, so they will maintain their shape and fit for the life of the helmet.

Appearance:  The sleek design meets all expectations for formal English riding gear.  The shell is comprised of original Alcantara material to protect against staining and fading, so it will look great no matter what the rider, or the weather, throws at it.

Samshield.  Durable.  Adaptable.  Giving responsive, high tech edge to traditional equestrian design.  Beautifully.

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