This Comfort Grazing Muzzle from Shires Equestrian is ideal to use on your pony when needing to limit grass intake, or for discouraging bad habits. It features a rubber base bottom with a hole where the grass can reach, and reinforced nylon web bars to increase breathability. And adjustable head and throatlash keeps the muzzle in place for a perfect fit. A D-ring is also included under the chin, so you can easily attach a lead rope to take your horse to and from the pasture. 

Color: Black
Size: Small Pony
  • Fully adjustable
  • Rubber base bottom with hole
  • Reinforced nylon web bars increases breathability
  • Padded crown and throat
  • Controlled grass intake
  • D ring to attach lead rope
  • Cheek clip at the side


  • Model: 495N SmPny

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