Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves will aid in muscle and joint recovery or provide relief for any aches and pains you feel on a regular basis.   These Tommie Copper knee sleeves are infused with copper to increase oxygen transportation in the targeted area.  In addition, the material also features anti-odor technology and UPF 30+ skin protection.  Each compression knee sleeve provides multi-directional compression, increased joint and muscle mobility, and wicks away the moisture from your skin.  Best of all, this compression wear is designed to be comfortable enough to be worn all day and even through the night.

Each package contains one knee sleeve.  To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your thigh 5 inches above the center of your knee.

Color: Black
Sizes: Small: Unisex Sizing
  • Copper infused material
  • UPF 30+ skin protection
  • Anti-odor technology

Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve Sizing







14 – 15

15.5 – 17.5

17.5 – 19

19.5 – 21


35 – 38

39 – 43

44 – 48

49 – 53


  • Model: 0304UR

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