Vega Jump by Amerigo, close contact versatile saddle.

Peter Menet's unique approach to saddle design has created an almost legendary following for Amerigo among top english riders. Now, he has taken his design philosophy, which redefines the way a rider sits on and communicates with the horse, to an all-new Italian saddle: Vega.

Like Amerigo, the Vega saddle is designed to position the rider forward, over the horse's center of gravity, allowing the horse to move more freely. This puts the rider on top of the movement, not behind it.

What separates Vega saddle from its well-known cousin is affordability. With standardized tree size, flap and seat options, the Vega Close contact saddle is easy to fit and very correct.

Each tree has been engineered to fit the organic distance between the shoulder blade and the lowest point on the horse's back, so the saddle fits a wide variety of horses.
The Vega saddle quite simply fits your horse and your wallet like it was custom made.

Color:  Brown
Size: 16, 17
Flap Lenght: Regular; short or long by special order
Tree: Medium (26.5 cm), Medium/Wide (28 cm), Wide (29 cm) and Narrow (25 cm)
  • Polymide tree with tempered steel headplate for controled flexibility.
  • Independent Swiss panels.
  • Wool flocking.
  • Printed leather.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Free ground shipping in continental USA.


  • Model: 51951X

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