Now you are probably wondering what is so special about this Wilker’s Memory Foam Half Pad? This half pad is a custom creation that has zero complaints from customers who have purchased it. Everyone raves about this custom pad because it can stand next to pads that are $800 and fit in but with a much less salty price tag. People who have purchased one of these pads have said that they notice the memory foam conforms to fill in and fix minor issues their horses had with their saddles, to give both themselves and their horse a much more pleasant ride. Wilker’s constructed this pad so that it has anti-slip suede on the top to keep your saddle in place, a quilted underside to properly distribute pressure, 1” of memory foam to give cushioning and comfort, plus an extra 0.5” of high impact foam to absorb shock. They truly have thought of it all. Now it’s your turn to see just how amazing this pad is for yourself (your horse will thank you).

Color: White
Size: Horse
  • Suede top
  • 1" memory foam half pad
  • 100% cotton flannel quilted bottom
  • 0.5" high impact foam


  • Model: MBP
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