Woof Wear Ultra Horse Boot Front

The Ultra horse boot by Woof Wear is the ultimate protective boot with durable Kevlar outer shell and breathable neoprene lining that disperses heat.
Front and hind boots are contoured differently to fit and protect the most vulnerable parts of the horses legs. The shape of the ultra boot gives perfect fit and protection to the vulnerable areas of the leg while still allowing the horse his freedom of movement and flexibility.

Style: Front or Hind
Color: Black
Front - Medium and Large
Hind - Medium and Large
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Touhg Polyurethane batons fold comfortably around the leg.
Woof Wear Size Chart :
Style Front Hind
Pony 12.2-13.1 HH S S
Cob 13.2-14.1 HH S M
Cob/Full 14.2-15.1 HH M M
Full Size 15.2-16.2 HH M L
Extra Full Size 16.3+ HH L XL


  • Model: 11-2140/1

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